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Big news!

As I already posted on my other sited I have some bIG NEWS! esp for this bby of mine ; w ;

So the news are: I'm gonna go study real soon (end of this year) and I have switched my focus from renovatio because of this. Renovatio takes a lot of time to get one page finished and I am not satisfied with anything anymore anyways,,,, tbh

I have already posted more details about this whole thing over here: http://fav.me/db73ss3

SO what I'm trying to say is, that before I go study and not have time for any of my comics anymore I REALLY want to finish Magistra book one. Since Magistra is my hearts bby and I would just fall apart if I won't get this done.

SO I'm really sad and sorry to say this, but Renovatio is gonna fall into a hiatus first. FIRST yes because I know magistra will as well for just as long.
So I will upload all the pages I have and hope that until then I will maybe have some more but we'll just have to see until then.

But, since I'm going to study to get BETTEr at art + hopefully will get better at my comics, I do NOT think I'm ever gonna throw these babies out of the window.
so it's gonna take an aweful lot of time but I WILL CONTINUE BOTH.

uh yah that's it I've written so much about this r/n on all the pages I need to stop x'DD;;; so yah!

posted by Maro-King @ April 25th, 2017, 3:53 pm  -  1 Comments

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Good luck!

posted by ShadowStalker1128, April 29th, 2017, 7:38 am

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